Work with Light, Darkness and Colour

The research results of Liane Collot d'Herbois forms the foundation of our painting seminars. She developed the colour knowledge of J.W. von Goethe and Rudolf Steiner further to a deeper spiritual understanding and practical use in painting.
These courses are aimed at all people interested in the colour, both advanced and beginners in this method of painting.

The seminars are given by
Roland Tiller.

Light and darkness are polarities, through polarity movement is created. Without polarity, there would be no life. Light and darkness, as the original principles, are creative forces. The movement that results from their interacting is visible as colour. We learn to make these processes visible by drawing with charcoal and by the layering technique with artist-watercolour also called veilpainting. First a picture should appear like coloured air movement, because the air is the true realm of colour. There, the colours appear the least bound to matter. The appearance of the colours in the air is caused by light and darkness. Later, when the colours on the painting get more

intensive the colours can condense into shapes. Light and darkness are detected in this method of painting as high creative principles. With darkness we mean perpetual darkness, not the night, not black and not evil. It stands at the beginning of everything, out of it everything was created, even the light. The darkness is polar towards the light. Not the form of light, which is good, but a light that has the ability to create space and has a shaping effect. As soon as the light penetrates the darkness, movement arises out of the darkness, moving toward the light. Slowly at first, but when the light increases, the upward movement becomes faster. When the light

gaines strenght, the darkness becomes more transparent and crystalline. This movement is visible as colour. Such interaction may run dramatically or harmoniously. The foundation of our painting is laid by charcoal studies. The work with charcoal make visible the forces of light and darkness. They are the high creative powers, the creation is based on. Both light and darkness are invisible, however what results from their interaction is visible. This encounter is the movement of colour.
These lines briefly scetch the background, on which the method of painting by Liane Collot d'Herbois is based.

Light and Darkness study - Resulting colour movement - Finished painting
Charcoal drawing and watercolour painting by Roland Tiller "Inspiration"1996, 57x75cm