Commissioned work from our studio

With the knowledge gained from working with light, darkness and colour
we develop an individual picture for you.

More about our work with light, darkness and colour can be found here.

Each human beeing has a task in his life. In a trusting conversation the life theme can be crystallized out and an individual biografical painting will be developed.

It is possible to choose a colour quality that, based on the knowledge of the healing power of colour, has a healing influence on the viewer.

The picture is carried out in the technique of veilpainting with watercolours. Advance arrangements are made about the size of the work, which also defines the price. This intensive interaction with the client and work requires several months.

During the process of painting a figural motiv can develop, however, this is not necessary. The slow building up of many layers of paint allows the living process for something new to emerge, that was not fixed from the beginning.

Of course it is also possible for a specific location, special rooms, for companies and communities to order an commissioned work or colour design
> more he.

If you are interested in a personal painting
> please contact us.

Roland Tiller with the altarpiece for the chapel "Christofferhaus Siegen" just before completion. More here   Commissioned work flute player with custom-made frame   Commissioned work Scarlet colour movement by Birgit Tiller   Birgit (with the little Alicia on the arm) at work to the anniversary picture Guardian Angel for the Waldorf Kindergarten Witten   Roland is working on the painting Blue Angel